Nature Certified is more than a brand: it is a philosophy grounded in the belief that nature knows best. We started as an organic skin care company for babies and children three years ago (2009). Today we cater to all skin stages; from baby skin, young skin, and aging skin. We are founded on a basic principal, only natural and organic – no compromises.
Fundamental Principals

Certified Organic Products
Many of our products are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture standard. This is the exact same standard that applies to organic food. We cannot use any ingredients not allowed in organic food in our certified organic products!

No synthetic preservatives
Our products are preserved using only naturally derived Vitamin E or the honey suckle flower. We do not use any chemical or synthetic preservatives.

Never compromise on quality
We want our products to perform at the highest quality and performance standards. We lab test all our water based products (never ever on animals) to check their shelf-life. Though most of our products say use within 6 months of opening the bottle, their shelf-life is eighteen months to two years as tested in the lab.

Global perspective
Traditional cultures around the world have been using natural ingredients for centuries to care for their skin. We take the best elements of natural care remedies from around the world, and reintroduce them in daily skincare. That objective explains the use of many of our ingredients like Organic Rooibos (used by Bushman in South Africa), Organic Coconut Oil (Asian countries), Organic Turmeric (India), Organic Olive Oil (Mediterranean), and so many more.

Give back to community
We donate 5% of our corporate profits to programs or activities that support children’s rights and quality of life.

Humble Beginnings

As parents we want the best for our children.
Founder, Arushi Sood Joshi, a first time mom three years ago was no different. Realizing very quickly that the “BEST” were very limited when it came to options regarding skin care products to use on her newborn.

In a labyrinth of confusing terms, false claims, ingredients better suited for industrial cleaners, she asked herself a simple question, “Is there anything organic and simple out there for her and her baby’s skin that she could trust?”

After much research, consultations with naturopaths, pediatricians and fellow parents, she came to a simple conclusion: There was a significant need for clean, green, organic skincare. A skincare brand that could be trusted unconditionally.

Arushi was born and brought up in India. She had concocted many a natural skin care remedies through childhood and youth. She had played around with the skin and hair care benefits of ingredients like Aloe Vera, Egg, Chickpea, Oils, Yogurt and so much more. She recognized that starting a skincare company was not going to be simple.

She had worked in large multinationals and consumer business companies for most of her career. She thought she had at least an above average understanding of creating a brand. She took a giant leap of faith and started Nature Certified, LLC. She maintains “Becoming a mother is the single most empowering thing for a woman in the world. You feel like if you can do that, you can do almost anything else.” With that belief she marched forward building a team of trusted partners and advisors.

The Joshi Family


“...starting a company was one of the scariest things I ever did...”

“Our Birth Video”
The animated version.


Raising The Brand

After over a year of research and development Nature Certified put its core set of products in the market. There were two main challenges.

The first was getting the products certified organic, and using only the purest and most natural ingredients available. The second challenge was making sure that the products sans harsh preservatives performed at par with their chemical challengers, especially with regards to shelf life.

All core packaging was tested for BPA and Phthalates, and all water based products were tested for preservative efficacy.

The five core products (organic grapeseed oil, organic oil blend, organic bath tea bags, foaming wash and shampoo, and all natural lotion) were well received.

The core team had an epiphany. These products were excellent. There was nothing “baby” about them. If they were good enough for babies, than why were they not good for all ages. More and more of our customers were grown up men and women without children. The products were repositioned and Nature Certified became a “family” brand, with Healthy Skin Naturally as its tag line. Natural skincare for all ages.

We added soaps, bath salts, a line of organic butters (organic bum bum butter, and organic stretch mark butter), organic lip balm, and an all-natural foaming feminine wash.

The ride has been thrilling, but not without its challenges. The economy continues to deteriorate, and people are holding tight to their resources. The company counts on the support of people who believe that “What goes outside is just as important as what goes inside.” There are many who share our belief and if you are here that means you do too. Thank you, and help us prove that people do care.


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