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How to choose the right personal care product for your child

21:08 October 12, 2010 How to choose the right personal care product for your child

The 4 P’s of choosing a product

Make it your mantra: Always READ the ingredients label

1. Preservative: What’s giving it the shelf life? Paraben’s, synthethics?
2. Perfume/ Flavoring: What’s giving it the perfume/ flavor – Natural or artifical?
3. Price: Too cheap? What’s in it?
4. Pronounce it: Sounds like a chemical – then it probably is.

Top 5 things to avoid in your baby personal care

This list can be endless, but we will limit it to 5 ingredients (check our website for full list)
1. Dimethicone – Petroleum derivation. Environmental toxin.
2. Glycols (Propylene Glycol (PG) and Butylene Glycol) – Also used in antifreeze and deicers! Toxicity is a debated topic.
3. Sulphates: Causes drying irritation and sensitivity. Also some studies find health risks for both men and women.
4. Parabens: Causes allergic reactions, readily absorbed through the skin. Causes human sperm damages, and acts like estrogen in the body.
5. TEA/ DEA/ MEA: Causes allergic reaction, and may form a carcinogenic compound when reacting with nitrosating agents.

All our products 100% natural and many certified organic. They are cruelty free, artificial fragrance and color free. All our packaging is BPA free and Phthalate free.

Our comprehensive list of ingredients in our baby/child personal care line:

Organic Olive Oil
Organic Oat Flour
Xantham Gum

Organic Grapeseed Oil
Organic Coconut Powder
Organic Beeswax

Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Calendula Flower
Cetearyl Olivate / Sorbitan Olivate

Organic Cardamom
Organic Chamomile Flower / Extract
Japanese Honey Suckle Flower

Natural Vitamin E (Tocobiol)
Organic Tumeric

Organic Rooibos
Organic Aloe Vera Powder
Citric Acid

Decyl Glucoside
Natural Aroma Blend


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