Business suits and breast pumps in America: The Travel - Part 2

14:28 July 15, 2011


I had about 150 pages that needed to be printed for the presentation, including mocks of the new attractive labels we are implementing for the Nature Certified line of organic skincare.
I was feeling reasonably optimistic as our new customized bamboo containers for the soon to launch organic butters had come in just in time. The printing didn't go well though. After working all night, I had chosen to go to a small local printing shop in the morning. However, their system had trouble reading our files. After waiting an hour, I telephoned my husband and asked him to release me from waiting at the store.


21:28 February 19, 2011

Definition: An entrepreneur who is a mommy and pregnant.

Usage: Scarcely had I estimated the trials of a pregomommypreneur when life threw a curve ball at me.
Pregopreneur is a word my husband threw at me to describe my state of being as a pregnant entrepreneur. I reminded him, that he is forgetting that I also have a toddler, so really I am a Pregomommypreneur.
The newly coined word is used in jest to catch the challenges of being an entrepreneur (enough by itself), having a child, and being pregnant.

The year 2010 has been an interesting year to say the least. My toddler has decided that she is two and half going on thirteen. Everything results in an argument. She wants to do everything by herself, including choosing clothes, brushing her teeth, having a bath – everything!

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