Educate a girl, educate a family.

Help us support the education of one of these girls in India

The Little Angels Orphange is the brain (and heart) child of one woman who wanted to make a difference in the life of just one child. She ended up doing a lot more.

Sister Arogya Mary chose the life of service, but continued to feel she could do more. When relatives of children who lost their parents to AIDS, or became orphan by other means, or simply parents who were too poor to raise their children
needed help, they somehow found her.

Sister Arogya Mary started the orphange with six children in 2006. She couldn’t find it in her heart to turn any away. Today, the orphange has twenty one children. The girls continue to stay with her, while the boys stay in a boys hostel. She is responsible for all of them. It has not been an easy journey. She had a hard time finding a large, safe, and welcoming home for these girls. She struggled to get the right school matched to each child, but most of all she struggled with resources.

Our founder, Arushi, came in contact with Sister Arogya in 2006 shortly after the orphange was formed. Arushi was vacationing in India, and had just emerged out of a yoga session when she saw a group of girls playing. One thing led to
another, and before she knew it she was sponsoring some of the children, visting them as often as she could, exchanges
meals, photos and so much more. Arushi told Sister Arogya that before she ever turned a child away for lack of resources,
she should reach out to her. No matter what it took she knew that people would care.

If you knew how little it cost to fully educate a girl child, you would ask yourself why so many went uneducated.

Cost of Educating a girl per month: $13.90
(School fee: $4.50, Books and Stationary: $4.80, Other Fees: $2.80, School Uniform:$1.80)

Total Target: $167 per child for a year

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