Corporate Information

Organic skincare

Nature Certified® is a limited liability company, based in Santa Clara, California.
We are a registered women owned minority business enterprise, or WMBE.

To contact us, please write, fax or email:

Corporate Headquarters
Nature Certified, LLC
7544 Newcastle Drive,
Cupertino, CA 95014

Phone number: 973-580-7859
Toll Free: 1 (877) NAT-CER-0
Fax number: 1 (877) - 395-3760


Both Nature Certified® and Because nature knows best® are registered trademarks of Nature Certified, LLC whose corporate information is disclosed above. Healthy Skin Naturally, has been trademarked and is being reviewed.

USDA organic certification

Our certified organic products and facility is certified organic by ASCO based in Salinas, California.


Our products are manufactured under good manufacturing practices. Certified organic products are manufactured at a USDA certified location. The skin care products are manufactured in the United States of America. Currently all production is done in the State of California.

About the Founder

Arushi Sood Joshi is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nature Certified. She is mother of two children with a passion for natural care products and trusted home remedies. She started the company as a first time mother when she noticed a gap in truly natural and organic skin care products.Arushi has significant experience in the consumer business industry, and has spent several years consulting for some prominent companies.

She is committed to expanding Nature Certified, and serving parents like herself who believe that "Nature knows best."

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