Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains some of the more frequently asked questions. The questions have been divided broadly based on their category. Individual product questions may be seen on the individual product pages under Q&A.

Q. How old is the company?
A: The company was formed in April of 2009. The first products were launched in July of 2010.
Q: What is the difference between Natural and Organic Products?
A: The definition of a Natural product can be quite vague in the consumer product industry and differ from company to company.  Natural products in our mind are products that are either directly extracted from plant sources (oils, flours, flowers etc.), or derived with minor processing (Olivem 1000 etc). Our definition of natural products is much more stringent than many other companies who simply claim that every ingredient including sulphates are naturally derived.
Organic products only gain an organic certification after meeting very strict guidelines set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Organic products take the claim of natural products to another level.
Q: Are all Nature Certified products organic?
A: We strive to make our core products organic. Where certification is challenging because the ingredients are not available in their organic state, we then strive for a completely natural product.
Q: Is your core product line only for children?
A: Our products are for all age groups from the teeny-tiny ones to the oldie-goldie ones. Our intention for saying "baby and child" on our products is that they have been formulated with babies and children in mind. We believe, if its good enough for them, then its good enough for anyone!
Q: What are some of the new products you are working on?
A: We are currently working on several new products to meet your Organic and completely natural needs!  A line of premium body butters, including a diaper rash treatment, and mommy stretch mark butter to name a few.  And most exciting for us and you, is an all natural SPF sunscreen.
Q: What is your shipping policy?
A: Please see the shipping policy section here. Currently, we are offering free shipping over $75 and $2.95 for all shipping within the U.S. regardless of destination or size.
Q: Where are the products made?
A: All of our products with the exception of the organic clothing are made in the USA. Currently all skincare is made in California.
Q: What is the Power of Parent Network?
A: The Power of Parent Network is a free value added service provided by Nature Certified, LLC. It is an electronic forum for parents to come together to discuss issues. It is our desire to have this forum be used for natural skin care and holistic lifestyle discussions.
Q: How do I get your products at a store close to me?
A: You can check our steadily growing list of retailiers here.  Or if no merchants near you currently carry them, you can then ask your favorite store to bring our products in to better serve you. If you are interested in being a part of the process, then please consider our affiliate program.
Q: What payment options do you offer?
A: We currently accept most major credit cards, payments through Paypal, and also payments via Google checkout.
Q: How is organic cotton clothing different from regular cotton clothing?
A: Like other organic products, organic clothing has stringent guidelines which have to be met before being classified as organic. It starts with ensuring everything from the cotton, to the processing of the cotton and stitching was done without the use of pesticides/chemicals etc. The certifying agency however is not the USDA.  
Q: Do you offer samples?
A: Currently we do not offer free samples. However, we are undertaking a major sampling program within a few months.


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