Privacy Policy

Nature Certified® is dedicated to protecting your privacy online. We show great concern for our customers. We will not disclose or use any information that is collected from our customers. It is significant to keep your personal information secure, and we will act in good faith to fulfill that responsibility.

Nature Certified® values your trust and we will handle the personal information that is given to us with care. The personal information that is given to us will only be used for shipping purposes and to keep a record of our customers.
Our website has a sign-in feature which allows the customers to create their unique username and password. Nature Certified® will not track any personal information that is given except to process orders, for commercial insight, and for other marketing purposes. The customer can opt out of any communication or from mailing lists at time.

We will not disclose any personal information outside of Nature Certified® except those companies that will be helping us process credit card charges, and those that are in charge of the shipping. Nature Certified® is not responsible for any third parties that will use or disclose the personal information that was collected from you through our website.

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