To-Go Diaper Bag/ Cosmetic Bag

Perfect diaper bag, travel bag, or cosmetic bag all-in-one


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  • Are you tired of carrying a bulky diaper bag to the restroom every time you need to change your little one?
  • Do large diaper bags cramp your free style and easy spirit lifestyle?
  • Do you struggle with scattered cosmetics in your dresser or when you travel?
  • Do you need the perfect travel bag for your travel personal care essentials?

If you've said yes to any or all of these, than this bag is perfect for you. Shaped closely like a leaf/ tea drop, made of a cotton blend, this eco-chic bag is the one for you.

Designed in two colors, one side is a dark green, and the other a lemon yellow. The inside also has the two different colors. There are mesh pockets, and well as elastic holders.

It has a swivel hook to attach it to and bag or handbag.




Made of cotton blend (terry cotton)

How to use

  • Use as a to-go diaper bag
  • Use as a cosmetic bag
  • Use as a travel bag

Questions and Answers

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Mom's NoteFits right into your hand bag (larger ones!). As a diaper bag, it fits a couple of diaper, wipes, and a foldable changing pad. The Swivel hook allows you to have it hang to your backpack or regular diaper bag for easy access on to go.
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