Orange Bergamot Bath Salt

10 oz

100% natural bath salt with the essential oils of orange and bergamot..


Natural Bath Salt
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A fresh citrusy, flowery, warm fragrance of oranges and bergamot. Popular with both men and women. Made with three salts, clay and essential oils, these salts are a treat to soak in. Absolutely no fillers or chemicals. People always ask us why the salts smell so great!? The answer is just in time making. The salts are handmade. And unlike others, we do not sit on a huge inventory and store them for months, we only order them on an "as needed" basis bringing them straight to your as fresh as can be! Plus, you will see that a little goes a very long way in your bath tub.


Dead Sea Salt, Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Sodium Chloride (Dendtritic Salt), Kaolin (French Yellow Clay), and Essential Oils of Orange and Bergamot.

How to use

Put 4 oz to 5 oz or lesser in an adult sized bath tub filled with water. Soak in bath for an indulgent and refreshing bath.

Questions and Answers


Q: The instructions say use 4 oz to 5 oz in each bath, I only need half of that?
A: You are correct in that you don't really need 4 to 5 oz. Sometimes for a light bath, only a couple of spoons would do. We think you can easily get three or more baths from the salts. Our instructions are overly cautious to cover even the most indulgent soaker. Use per your judgement and sensory pallet.

Q: How come the salts smell so wonderfully strong?
A: As defined in our product description, the answer is just in time making. The salts are handmade. We do not sit on a huge inventory and only order them on an as needed basis.  Plus, we use only the freshest and best ingredients which ensure the best product. No artificial fragrances or fillers for you.

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