Rose Geranium Soap

4 oz /112 grams

100% natural handcrafted soap with the essential oils of geranium and palmarosa.


Nature Certified Nature Certified
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One of our most popular soaps and a favorite with the ladies. This soap combines the romance of rose and geranium. It looks a romantic pink and has the playfulness waves hitting the shore. The fresh bouquet of fragrances make you feel refreshed, playful and charming. The oils combined with the rice bran, and french rose clay give you the goodness you deserve.


Saponified oils of coconut, palm kernel, palm, olive, soybean, rice bran, rosehip,french rose clay, and essential oils of geranium and palmarosa.

How to use

Lather soap onto wet body. Rinse off with water.

Questions and Answers

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